Vermont ranks high as one of the “Best Places to Live” in the U.S.!


We may be small and have fewer people than the majority of US states, but Vermont tops a good many lists when it comes to looking for one of the best places to live! Nothing pleases me more than finding out that my beautiful state has made it, once again, to a top spot when discussing quality of life.

In recent years it seems that the Green Mountain State is the place to be if you want (among other things):  a safe neighborhood, a thriving local food scene, and a supportive community to raise a family.

Whenever we see lists like these, we are sure to highlight them on social media, so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. In case you’ve missed them, here is a round-up of some of our favorite Top Ten Lists with Vermont ranking at or near the top!

Safest States in America – Vermont is #1

According to a 2014 study, Vermont is #1 when it comes to safety. The statistics for this study were pulled directly from the FBI but in looking further, factors such as high levels of education and high median income appeared to be largely indicative of the safety of a state. However it is measured, residents of Vermont can feel good knowing they are making an investment in a safe spot.

Are children part of your family?

Vermont is a good choice for the overall welfare of children according to the 2014 KIDS COUNT data book. This annual study ranks states on overall child well-being based on four criteria: economic well-being, education, health, and family & community. In 2014, Vermont placed in the top 3! So if you’ve got little ones, or think you may have them in the future, Vermont is a good place to call home!

How about a farm?

While many relocate to, or stay in, Vermont because of the bucolic feel and beautiful green pastures, some are here to continue the state’s rich agricultural tradition. Whether a seasoned farmer or new to it, farming is a lot of hard work and can be a risky financial proposition. Your chances at success are better in Vermont according to In fact, Vermont ranks #1 in the country as the Top State to Start a Farm due to the large numbers of farmers’ markets and CSAs as well as support from organizations such as NOFA, headquartered in Richmond, VT.

Making a move to Vermont? You’re not alone!

Vermont came in at number 4 on the list of Top Moving Destinations of 2014!  From what I’ve shared already about how we rank, you may think people are flocking to our gorgeous state because of its safety and friendliness towards farmers BUT, according to this study, it is largely to do with jobs! The study released by United Van Lines states that, “37 percent of people moving to Vermont were doing so because of a new job.” It’s always nice to hear that jobs are available, and that they are enticing enough to attract people from all over the country!

Good food, produced right here.

Perhaps most reflective of the nature of Vermont is our high ranking on the Localvore Index. This index lists the best states in which to eat local! Based on the number of farmers’ markets, CSAs, food hubs, and school districts with farm-to-school programs, we topped the list at number one!! Vermont makes it easy to buy locally grown produce from our farmers; which not only feels good, but it tastes good too!

The Queen City – One of America’s hottest for 2015!

While the thermometer rarely registers anything too uncomfortably warm in Burlington, VT – this city still managed to be named as one of MSN Money’s 15 Hottest American Cities for 2015. The list named Burlington as a city that will be booming in the upcoming year thanks to our “growing industries, burgeoning art and food scenes, and affordable real estate.” Other factors for making the list included, “job growth, population growth, affordability, livability, and the health and well-being of the residents.” Not bad, Burlington!

It’s good to know that the wonderful aspects of Vermont are not missed by the rest of the country (and beyond!). If you live here, chances are you knew much of this already, but it always feels good to know we have a state that supports many of the things that people want out of life. If you’re not here yet, why not? We’ve got great people, good food, and a whole lot more!

What about you? What do you love about Vermont?  Please let me know in the comments! Are you thinking about relocating to Vermont to put down roots here? Give me a call, I would love to help you find the perfect place for you to call home.

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