Small Space Solutions


Are you looking for small space solutions? Ways to corral and contain your clutter?

Many of us have more stuff than we think out small space can handle.


There are a LOT of great tips and tutorials out there to help you sort it all out, and make the most of your small space.


  • Stairs like you’ve never seen before.  This staircase takes it to the next level and uses every last bit of space!  Do you have any    under-the-stairs space that could provide a small space solution?
  • A cozy and private reading nook.  Clean out your closet and use the extra room for a little kid-friendly hideaway!  This is not only  fun but can be a designated place for books and stuffed animals that would otherwise end up on the floor!
  • Keeping it clutter free is a must so storage is key.  There are small space storage solutions out there for everything from the junk drawer to the linen closet.  Find what works best for you and make the space to put it all away!
  • Clear furniture!  One or two pieces of clear furniture can really make a small space feel bigger.  You can keep functional pieces without visually crowding a room.
  • Free up the floor plan with a floating nightstand.  We think this is a great idea for a bedroom that is short on floor space. Mounting a shelf or nightstand on the wall makes room for slippers or the dog bed!

Being short on square footage doesn’t have to mean a cramped feeling.  We have some great homes listed that keep the footprint small and efficient but have a spacious feel to them!




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