6 reasons why You Moving to Vermont is a Great Idea!

Why should you consider moving to Vermont?


I am happy to share my thoughts and even better, I’ll provide the supporting documentation!


Here in Vermont, We are in the lazy hazy days of summer where cool breezes blow in shady spots and the hot sun heats up the meadows and lakes.   This is summer bliss! The temperatures are in the mid 70’s to low 80’s and the humidity is contained.  Vermonters live for this time of year and we soak it up! But there are even more reasons to love our little state and to consider moving to Vermont…here are just a few things that stood out to me over the past few months:

1. Looking for a great place to live?

Burlington, Vermont was ranked number two on Kiplinger’s article titled 10 Great Place to Live. Kiplinger’s sites the local farm to table initiative with several restaurants in downtown Burlington boasting locally sourced meats, cheeses, produce, and spirits. I love dining out and I appreciate the recognition our local restaurants are receiving for serving local foods. For Vermonters, locally sourced meals are a huge benefit and it really does improve the quality of life! For more information, check out Kiplinger’s full report:

2. Looking for great education for your kids?

US News and World Report ranked nine high schools in Vermont as silver high schools, five high schools as bronze, and included many more Vermont high schools in their national database report of top schools in United States. Included in the report is the statistic that 90% of Vermont high school students graduate – this is one of the highest statistics in the US! Here’s the full report for your reference. Many parents site the education as a reason for moving to Vermont.

3.  Have you heard about the craft beer movement?

In addition to the strong farm to table movement, there is a fantastic craft beer movement happening! All across the state breweries are being recognized for their outstanding beers. To quote this article from the AP Big Story “It’s not a hey-they-have-great-beers-in-Vermont. It’s a hey-they-have-the-best-beer-in-the-world.

No, really. Hill Farmstead Brewery recently was rated the world’s best brewer on the popular international consumer review website, RateBeer.com.” For more details about this craft beer movement in Vermont, check out the AP article here.  In addition, Burlington, Vermont hosts an amazing food and spirits festival on the waterfront called the Vermont Brewer’s Festival.  Vermont brewers are entrepreneurial group who create wildly popular beers in sometimes challenging circumstances. Check out The Alchemist’s Heady Topper story and learn about their success after Hurricane Irene hit in 2011.

5.  Are you a dog lover?

Vermont is one of the first states to have a farm to dog dish movement extending our locally sourced program even further! Now your dogs can benefit from healthy, locally sourced, fresh foods! For more information on the Farm to dog bowl program visit this article on Vermont Public Radio’s web site:

Vermont is incredibly pet friendly and recently was recognized by ABC News as the state with the highest percentage of pet owners!

Many workplaces in Vermont are dog friendly and support bringing your dog to work too!

6. Do you love fabulous real estate opportunities?

MLS_4256666_1We have those too! Just in the last month I have seen several exciting listings hit the market.

Here’s an example of what it is available in for sale in Burlington, Vermont: Sweet village cape in Essex Junction, Vermont. Beautifully finished with private back yard.  Check out the link for information on this property and this link for more listings in lovely Vermont!

I’d love to hear what you enjoy about Vermont! What would you add to this list?

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