Energy Efficiency

Keeping Cozy this Winter!

We all know that Vermont winters can be long and cold! Energy efficiency in your home is a first step to staying cozy until spring (finally) arrives!

  • Vermont Gas offers free energy audits to qualifying customers. You can apply online and receive tips on how to make your home more energy efficient!
  • Efficiency Vermont  also offers home energy audits and many can qualify for discounts through this program. Their easy to use website highlights local families, what they’ve done to improve energy use in their homes, and how much they save each year!

While ensuring that as much heat as possible stays inside, many Vermonters rely on alternative home heating solutions to keep the cold at bay.

  • Pellet stoves are a very efficient way to warm your home throughout the winter!  A pellet stove can be freestanding or inserted into an existing fireplace.  Local vendors such as Vermont Pellet Stoves, Inc. or The Stove Depot can offer advice on whether a pellet stove is a good choice for heating your home.
  • Wood stoves are also a popular choice for home heating!  Many people who live on multiple acres find wood stoves to be highly economical as they can harvest some of the wood needed from their own property.  There are many local woodstove vendors right here in Vermont like Stove and Flagworks in Williston or The Chimney Sweep in Shelburne!
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