Investment Real Estate in Burlington Vermont, it’s a great time to buy!

All I really want for Christmas is Real Estate.

Charlie Brown: “What is it you want?” Lucy Van Pelt: “Real estate.”

December 2012 is a great time to buy investment real estate in Burlington Vermont.

Lucy said it best “I never get what I really want. I always get a lot of stupid toys or a bicycle or clothes or something like that. Charlie Brown: What is it you want? Lucy Van Pelt: Real estate.” And, as we discussed in our November 21st blog post, this is a great time to buy real estate in Burlington, Vermont for several reasons including low interest rates.

Are you interested in investment real estate? Investment real estate can include commercial or residential properties and often includes multi-unit properties.  Investment real estate can be an e

Investment Real Estate

414 Colchester Avenue, Burlington VT

excellent place to invest your money when you purchase a property that has a steady income from either commercial or residential rentals.

A complete evaluation of the property is needed and an understanding of the expected expenses including maintenance, services, upgrades and insurance. Kiplinger’s provides a helpful investment calculator tool so that you can accurately estimate the costs you will incur and make sure that the income from your investment will cover the expenses. Try out the Kiplinger’s calculator here. 

So what are the good investment real estate opportunities in Burlington, Vermont? Here’s our Christmas wish list!

1)    414 Colchester Avenue, Burlington VT: this Colchester Avenue apartment building is number 1 on the wish list for the combined charm of the building itself, 3 apartments included, fully rented for 2013, AND the price is $475K.  There’s very little not to love about this affordable and beautiful property. For more photos and information check out the link here.

Investment Real Estate in Burlington Vermont

6 – 10 Greene Street, Burlington VT

2)    6 – 10 Greene Street, Burlington VT: this 6 unit apartment building made our list because of it’s location, location, location and the healthy income stream of $134,000 per year.  This apartment building is in the center of downtown Burlington and offers six, three bedroom apartments.  The architecture has a lovely colonial feel and the building is in good condition. More photos and information here.

3)    239 South Union Street, Burlington VT: This property is great due to it’s multiple use status with three residential apartments and four office space rentals.  The location is also appealing because it is close to downtown, UVM and Fletcher Allen Healthcare.  This property has an estimated annual income of $102,300 which is also very appealing. More details and photos are available here.

Investment Real Estate in Burlington Vermont

239 South Union Street, Burlington VT


Do you think this is the right time to invest in real estate? If you do, what do you look for in investment properties?

We’d love to hear your tips for investing in real estate. For more information about properties for sale in Burlington VT, take a look at our MLS Search page:


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