Indoor Home Improvement Projects

The calendar says spring but it looks like winter is going to hang on a little longer. The ground outside remains white so it is definitely still time to look inside for things to do to improve your home!


Little Projects:

Toilet leaks – Did you know you can check your toilet for leaks using Kool-Aid? It’s a simple way to see if you have a slow leak and are adding to your water bill. More info here.

Dryer vents – Cleaning the screen is great but a few times a year the vents and ducts should be disconnected and vacuumed to prevent a fire hazard. Not the most glamorous weekend project, but definitely worth it! If you’re not sure how to get started, here is a good picture tutorial.

Light bulbs – Changing your lightbulbs over to energy efficient compact fluorescents can save you a lot of money on your electric bill. Local hardware stores like Ace and Aubuchon often run great sales on these. Stop in and ask when the next promotion will be and then stock up!

Spray-paint your doorknobs – spruce up your interior doorknobs or paint them all one color to give the house a more cohesive look. Rustoleum makes several colors of spray paint with metallic finishes that look just like the real thing. Easy afternoon project!


Bigger Projects:

Trim painting – often the painted trim in a room is what shows the most wear and tear as it is likely to get bumped or nicked by furniture, feet, or the vacuum!  Give a room or entryway a sprucing up by freshening up the trim. It takes less time than an entire room and can really make a big difference.

Tile painting – did you know it’s possible to paint over tile? You can give your bathroom a huge update without the huge cost of re-tiling.  Often the tile is in good shape but in an outdated color or pattern.  Find out more here and bring your bathroom into this decade!

DIY  desk – Not enough room for a home office but still need a space for the laptops, phones, and incoming mail?  This tutorial for a DIY desk makes a great workspace and can be done in a weekend!

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