Decorating with color

Decorating with color can do amazing things to a room or a whole house! You don’t need to commit to an entire room; painting one wall or using a bold color on a piece of furniture can really change the look of a space.

Here is a round-up of bold color ideas that offer up some inspiration and/or advice!

  •  A facelift for your front door that could be done in a weekend!  Picking a new color for the front of your house can really change its look and give it some fresh appeal.
  •  Paint a bold color on the floor of an otherwise neutral room.  A bright color like yellow or green can brighten up a room unexpectedly!
  •  One piece of bright  furniture can give some character to a living space.  This is another painting project that can be done in one weekend.  It’s also a great way to give new life to an older piece of furniture or a flea market find!
  •  Some color on the ceiling draws the eye upwards and makes a room feel bigger.  A contrasting or complimentary paint color on the ceiling is a way to add some interest!
  • Don’t forget about the kitchen! Vibrant color on traditional cabinets goes a long way.  If you’ve got cabinets with simple lines, a color can really add character.  It can also be easily changed or freshened up down the line.

The colorful entryway above and many other great listings can be found here.

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