Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle This Season

Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle This Season

April showers bring May flowers—but what if your May flowers can’t grow? Fall and winter likely left your garden beds covered in debris such as sticks and branches, which could stifle your spring floral display. Here are just a few tips to get your spring garden ready to enjoy! Dry Up Standing Water Water pooling […]

Create a patio scene that sells!

Create a patio scene that sells!

Whether you’re selling a condo, lake home  or a Vermont mountain escape, a home’s outdoor space is often key in the potential homeowner’s willingness to say, “We’ll take it!” With property values on the rise, it’s important to create additional living space by bringing the indoors out. No matter the size, creating an inviting area for entertainment and […]

How to add popular new home features to your house!

Which Features do Home Buyers Desire Most? What are the most popular new home features of 2015? RealtorMag recently released a list of the most likely features and amenities to be included on an average single-family home in 2015. Find the complete list here: http://realtormag.realtor.org/daily-news/2015/05/18/12-most-popular-new-home-amenities-in-2015. When you’re building a new home, it may be a […]

6 Ways to Make Your Home Look Bigger

There are many things that potential buyers are looking for when searching for a new home- universally it is safe to say that no one is hoping to find a cramped and tiny space! Real estate listings usually include words like “spacious” and “large” because both of those are highly desirable. Even if a buyer […]

In Vermont, a mudroom is a must

Vermont is a wonderful place to live, it really is! I love living here and I love helping people find their perfect home here. We have beautiful mountains, lakes, foliage, trails, you name it! We also have some pretty intense weather. We even have a special name for the season that falls in between winter […]

Decorating with color

Decorating with color can do amazing things to a room or a whole house! You don’t need to commit to an entire room; painting one wall or using a bold color on a piece of furniture can really change the look of a space. Here is a round-up of bold color ideas that offer up […]

Small Space Solutions

  Are you looking for small space solutions? Ways to corral and contain your clutter? Many of us have more stuff than we think out small space can handle.   There are a LOT of great tips and tutorials out there to help you sort it all out, and make the most of your small […]