Buying a Vermont home

Buying a Vermont Home or Property

The Benefits of Buying Your Vermont Home With Sarah Harrington Real Estate

You’re looking to buy a home in Vermont. Congratulations! Finding the right home to purchase is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life and choosing the right real estate professional to assist you will make all the difference!

I have worked with hundreds of buyers over the years in the greater Burlington, Vermont area, and I am an expert at helping buyers locate their perfect home. I understand the local market, have friendships throughout the Vermont real estate community, and I understand how to get a transaction completed when the right house is located.

As a Vermont REALTOR® for Buyers, I will:

Identify the right towns, neighborhoods, and properties for you to consider based on your needs and your interests. I can help you locate the right fit for you.

Strategize with you to create a winning offer for the house that you want and will work with you to make sure the contract that you sign meets all of your needs. A successful REALTOR® is creative and persistent in order to make sure that all parties are satisfied.*

Negotiate on your behalf. I’ve been a Vermont REALTOR® for over 20 years and have helped hundreds of people buy and sell their homes. My negotiating skills will get you the best possible price, terms, and conditions of any contract.

Support you through the sales and post-sales process by providing information and resources that will help you move into your new home as seamlessly as possible. The professional team at Sarah Harrington Real Estate has cultivated affiliations with mortgage lenders, inspectors, attorneys, contractors. We’ll assemble a team of people to help you get through the home buying process smoothly!