Get to Know: Burlington’s South End Neighborhood

Burlington’s South End Neighborhood is a great mix of residential areas and business sections, new restaurants, and lots of improvement!

While Burlington, Vermont is a relatively small city (pop. of around 42,500), it is made up of some pretty distinct and interesting neighborhoods, each with their own character.

The aptly named “South End,” is located just south of the city center, and is a great mix of residential neighborhoods, industry, restaurants, art centers, parks and independent businesses.

I recently moved to Burlington after having lived in Richmond ( for many years (still unpacking!) and I’m excited to explore Burlington now as a resident, instead of just a commuter.

The South End is a neighborhood that is changing each day and it has a lot of community involvement and growth going on that is worth checking out!

For a fun and informative look at how the residents of Burlington view their city, take a look at this interactive map put together by Seven Days – it’s based on a survey given to their readers and offers a pretty comprehensive view of the various neighborhoods.

While just one blog won’t cover this entire neighborhood, if you’re curious about what can be found here, I have highlighted some of the hot spots and goings on that might interest you in taking a closer look on your own:

South End Neighborhood Restaurants

One of the major features of the South End is bustling Pine Street.

In the past few years businesses and restaurants have been popping up all along Pine Street, and this is where you can find a concentration for great places to grab a bite or a drink.

There are so many varied eateries to choose from on Pine Street that I’ve already written about them in two previous blogs.

Certain restaurants, as well as independent businesses, are featured in those two blogs here and here. There have been a few additions since those were written, as well as several more worth mentioning here:

Pine St. Deli  A local favorite for fresh deli sandwiches, Greek specialties, and other delicious lunch choices. They even stock the popular and elusive Heady Topper, plus they even let their customers know when it is available on their Facebook page!

Queen City Brewery  This local beer brewery, founded by longtime friends, offers tasting hours to the public. Stop by to sip one of their traditional lagers or ales.

ArtsRiot A totally unique gem in the neighborhood that is best described by their tagline – Food, Music, Fundraisers, Everything. A restaurant and event venue, ArtsRiot has both its own restaurant, and is also the site of many interesting happenings throughout the year. Their popular food truck night, Truck Stop, (link: takes place on Fridays in the summer, and is a fantastic chance to gather and taste a wide varitety of delicious local food.

CItizen Cider Another local brewery that calls Pine St. home! This one brews hard cider and has a tasting room so you can stop by for a sip. They offer cider cocktails as well as non-alcoholic options for kids, plus a small bites, family-friendly menu that offers something for everyone at reasonable prices. Home of $5 Taco Tuesdays, and $5 Hot Dog and a Can Thursdays!

Four Corners of the Earth A hip and local shop serving a wide variety of unique sandwiches. They offer a “globally menu,” so you can grab a sandwich inspired by far-flung places such as Hawaii or the Mediterranean.

SoYo  if you’re looking for a sweet treat, don’t miss out on SoYo! This is small-batch frozen yogurt made with locally-sourced ingredients. They also offer a huge variety of unusual toppings. The flavors and toppings can change depending on what is in season, so there is always something new to try!

Ecobean & Juice Non-GMO, organic and FRESH ingredients are all what this cafe is about! Stop by here for fresh sandwiches and juices with many local ingredients.

Brio Coffeeworks  If you’re a coffee lover, don’t miss out on Brio Coffeeworks. They roast their own beans so you can’t get a much fresher cup than that!

Tomgirl Juice Co.  You stop in the shop to pick up your fresh and seasonal juice from this small independent company, or order it up and have it delivered right to your door. They even have guides and menus for seasonal juice cleanses if you are looking to start the new season out fresh!

For another recent and informative look at eating your way down Pine St. in the South End, take a look at this Burlington Free Press article, Pine Street: From Wasteland to Tasteland. Just try not to get too hungry!

South End Neighborhood Community

While Pine Street hosts a bustling restaurant scene, there is more to the South End than just eating!

The City of Burlington and its residents have recognized that the South End neighborhood is rapidly growing and changing, so there is a community effort to make sure it is done thoughtfully.

This community conversation is taking place through an organized effort called planBTV South End, an organization that hopes to “protect and preserve what is most loved about the South End while proactively preparing for the continued growth and change.” They are calling on residents to help plan and shape the future of the South End  – a great effort for a growing neighborhood!

One big addition that will come out of the growth is the addition of a new City Market Co-Op, expected to open in the spring of 2017. This large food market will be the second location of the popular store in Burlington, providing a closer spot for South End residents to shop for fresh and local foods. More information and details about this addition can be found here.

Another great addition to the South End is the opening of a new location  of Body Resolution – a unique fitness studio and wellness center. Residents of the South End won’t have to go far for a great spot to work out.

Another piece that makes the South End community special: these three parks, which are popular among residents and visitors:

Smalley Park – This neighborhood park is located in the heart of the South End, making it a convenient spot for those on bikes or on foot. Amenities include a basketball court, ballfield, and natural playground.

Calahan Park – Situated between two residential neighborhoods, this park hosts many soccer and baseball leagues as well as being a favorite for locals who enjoy the community garden, playground, and tennis courts.

Oakledge Park – one of the larger parks in Burlington, Oakledge has something for everyone. An extensive shoreline, sandy beaches, playground, walking trails, many sports facilities, and a tree house! Pavilions are available for rent for parties and events and the popular Burlington Bike Path traverses the park as well.

If you’ve never been to the South End neighborhood in Burlington, it is definitely worth making a visit! As I mentioned before, you won’t go hungry with the diverse choices for dining, and the parks and shops bring it together as a wonderful spot to invest in as a homeowner or family.

What about you? Do you have any favorite things about Burlington’s South End Neighborhood that I am missing? Leave a message in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in moving to, or investing in a home in Burlington, take a look at this bustling neighborhood that is intent on thoughtful growth and improvement!

Give me a call – I would love to  talk with you about real estate properties in and around Burlington, VT!

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