8 Great Places to Eat Outside in Burlington, VT – Updated!


Summer has just wound down, and we here in Vermont are about to experience one of the most glorious times of year, when fall brings its breathtaking foliage.

We’re even luckier that we’ll be enjoying nature’s fireworks during some warm and sunny days ahead, so before the white stuff begins to fly through the air, let’s take a moment to enjoy the view.

A good way to do that? Find a place for lunch or dinner where you can enjoy the warmth and sunshine, while savoring some incredible local food. Let’s eat outside in Burlington, VT!

About a year ago I published a blog with a list of great outdoor eating spots in and around Burlington, VT. Well, it’s time to discover a few more.

Some are worthy of a date night, others are more kid-friendly…try a few and tell me your favorites!

Here is the second installment of my list of great places to eat outside in Burlington, Vermont:

Downtown Burlington

American Flatbread Located in the heart of Burlington, VT, this artisanal pizza restaurant has a pretty outdoor seating area tucked in behind it. It’s got a great casual atmosphere, and a top-notch menu featuring local and organic ingredients, as well as a full craft-beer selection. Perfect for a weeknight dinner with the family!

Farmhouse Tap & Grill A very popular spot for lunch and dinner! Now in its fifth year, this restaurant has been a welcome addition to Burlington’s restaurant scene. Because the food is locally sourced, the menu changes often. Enjoy a burger on the patio, or grab a drink with friends in the busy Beer Garden!

Pascolo Relatively new to the Burlington restaurant scene, Pascolo is in the heart of downtown Burlington with outdoor seating on pedestrian-only Church Street. A sister restaurant of the Farmhouse Tap & Grill, Pascolo serves fresh homemade Italian dishes and wood-fired pizza. They also offer a fantastic Italian wine list and nightly specials! This is a great choice for a celebration or date night.


The Skinny Pancake This amazing crepe restaurant has several locations (even one at the airport!), but if you want outdoor dining with a little entertainment thrown in, check out their Burlington, VT location, right down at the waterfront area.

Splash When you really want to enjoy Lake Champlain up close, Splash restaurant is a great choice! It is the only floating restaurant in Burlington, and features unobstructed views of the lake. Burgers, salads, and even lobster are all on the menu here. There is also a second floor available for meetings and events.

South End

South End Kitchen This is a true gem in the south end neighborhood of Burlington. In addition to lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch the South End Kitchen also offers cooking classes, some centered around their specialty – chocolate! They have weeknight specials like Burger Night, Family Night, and Date Night too. With a focus on chocolate as an ingredient they also serve up fantastic desserts. Definitely don’t miss this one!

Great Harvest Bread Co. Want to enjoy a delicious sandwich while smelling delicious bread baking at the same time? Great Harvest Bread Co., located on Pine St. in Burlington, is a family-owned bakery that serves up hearty breads and other goodies, as well as fresh sandwiches throughout the day. An outdoor patio means you can have a fantastic sandwich and enjoy a little sunshine in the middle of the day!

The Spot This is a really unique dining experience here in Vermont. Located in a renovated 1950s gas station this fun restaurant has a surf/Hawaii style vibe! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and the dinner menu changes seasonally. A great place for a casual bite to eat!

I hope you have the chance to enjoy the warm fall days ahead of us and maybe get to a few of these places for great food and an outside view!

What about you? Do you have any favorite outdoor eating spots in the Burlington area? Please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

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